“Top New Jersey Personal Training studio Guarantees… Reach Your Weight Goal or We Wont Keep a Dime!”

Raise Your Hand if Your SICK and TIRED of Dealing With….

  • Trouble spots that just won’t go away (like those saddlebags)
  • Your EMBARRASSING stomach bulge
  • Meat market gyms that make you feel uncomfortable
  • Unrealistic Diets that DONT WORK
  • Having to count calories and deprive yourself of the food you want to eat
  • Busy with work, life, kids
  • Being frustrated with finding a workout that really works!
  • Having your “skinny” jeans hanging in the closet

 From: Michael-Christopher

Owner of Body Makeover Fitness, New Jersey Personal Training studio
Serving Hudson and Bergen County NJ residents

Dear Friend:
New Jersey Personal Training

  • Have you struggled to lose weight and exercise but get frustrated when FAD diets and infomercial equipment gimmicks fail?


  • Do you long to have that sleek and sexy movie star body you used to have but can’t seem to stick with a weight loss program?


  • Have you grown comfortable being overweight and out of shape but secretly you wish you could change your body and be more healthy?


Hey, Im Michael-Christopher…a New Jersey personal training expert and Non-Surgical weight loss specialist. Im also the owner and head trainer of the top new jersey personal training studio, Body Makeover Fitness, located in West New York, NJ. I specialize in total body transformations through personal fitness training and good nutrition.

I GUARANTEE you’ll reach your fitness and weight loss goals with my program or I’ll give you ALL your money back… cuz if you don’t reach your goals with us I don’t want your money.

How can i make such a bold guarantee?


Body Makeover Fitness DOES NOT use generic fitness routines. We DO NOT just “stand around” holding clip boards. We DO NOT stand around checking ourselves out in the mirror all day or go on and on telling you about our personal lives during the workouts.

We do one thing…

We GET YOU INTO SHAPE by using cutting edge workouts and nutrition that have been proven by science to make you lose fat and get toned FAST and as SAFELY as possible.

If you’re like most people who want to lose fat and get into shape you probably feel like you don’t have the time or motivation to get to your fitness goals on your own… I completely understand… Hey, Im super busy too… so here’s what i’ve done…

Based upon my proven science based method, I’ve created highly effective 30 minute workout routines…

The workouts are short, intense, fun and efficient. They’ll have you looking better and feeling better in no time.

You’ll Be Shaping Up in Less Time than it takes to Watch Your Favorite TV Program.

We know not everyone is the same so our fitness and fat loss solutions are specific to YOUR goals, YOUR body type and YOUR life.

Here’s What Others…Just Like You…Have to Say About the Results They’ve Achieved With Our One-of-a-Kind Program

Testimonial Picture
Tanya C.
North Bergen, NJ
"Michael, You are the absolute Best Trainer in America!"
West New York, NJ
"The workouts kill me every session...but my body loves the results!!"
Marina L.
West New York, NJ

I found Michael’s personal training studio, Body Makeover Fitness, through a referral from one of his current clients. I’ve had trainers in the past and made minimal gains…but Michael opened my eyes to a completely new world.

Since being his client Ive experienced things I never thought possible. Michael is amazing!

In my first 3 months of training, which consisted of 3 sessions a week I’ve become so much stronger, improved my endurance, and have worked off a ton of body fat. I’ve completely changed my life. Michael even motivated me to run my very first marathon!

Michael I absolutely love you!!!!


"My friends can't believe how much weight I've lost. And I can't believe that I ran My First Ever Marathon!"
Eva V.
Weehawken, NJ
"I Dropped 6 Dress Sizes and I no longer have Shoulder Pain! Thanks Michael!"
Andie C.
North Bergen, NJ

I had just ended my training with a close friend in NYC because of the inconvenient location and quite frankly, the steep pricing. So I was throwing myself into every possible class trying to find a healthy medium while still being challenged. I have a love/hate relationship with exercise. I love pushing myself, I love excelling but motivation kicks me in the ass. I won’t work out alone. For me, exercise should be part fun, part fitness. My life is a constant whirlwind of decisions, so the gym is my place to destress, to not think but do. So at that point in time, I was feeling good about my efforts but I knew that I was capable of more and wasn’t sure where to find it.

Honestly, for as excited as I was to begin, it took a lot of will power to keep coming. It was hard on my body and exhausted me in a way I hadn’t experienced before. Probably because from Day 1 it was a full core workout and progressively got harder.  But my will to conquer what’s bringing me down is bigger than my will to call it quits, so despite the tears, there was a part of me that was encouraged and inspired.  Right off the bat, I recognized that this training was going to be different that ones I had experienced in the past, not because it was better, but because it was better for me.  In thinking back, it took me about 5-6 weeks of tears to finally get to a point where it started to feel good and my body was not suffering as much.  I was trying to figure out why I would continue putting myself through it, if it always ended in tears.  But then I remembered that those tears were mostly due to exhaustion, after the fact… that I was working so hard and enjoying it that I would waste every last bit of energy to get through a session, only to find myself exhausted in tears by the end of night. Despite this, there was never a time when I thought I had enough.

Interestingly enough, it hasn’t been until recent that I’ve seen the biggest results from training – but that’s because I haven’t fully committed to the nutritional side until recently when my body started to breakdown.  My body has obviously slimmed down quite a bit but not drastically, which is nice because it has allowed me to pinpoint my weaknesses and work on them for long term change not temporary fixes.
Now being a two-time Tough Mudder finisher, I can say that my body, endurance and will are definitely stronger.  But most importantly, I have more energy to do the things I need to do in my every day life. Being a single mom and having a demanding job, my health needs to be first because if that goes, all the other parts of my life fall apart.  I have found that although I may exhaust myself at times, I have learned how to recover and get up faster and stronger than I did before.  Overall, I have felt healthier and stronger than I have in my life.

I think an important aspect of your training method is that there are fast results – not necessarily immediate –  but gradual, subtle differences that keep you going from one session to the next. You notice a sudden muscle start to pop more or an ease in climbing the stairs. Because it’s long term results, you don’t realize how much muscle you’re building or how much weight you’ve lost until you’re carrying groceries or start reaching for a belt to keep your pants up.

On a more specific level, having completed two Tough Mudders, about 6 months apart from each other, I was significantly stronger the second time around. Then there is always the obvious clothes test!  I have gone down a size and although that does not sound significant enough, for me it is huge because of my body type.  I am a comfortable medium and I am not afraid to show my arms anymore.  Although I know I have a bit to go, I am excited by the ongoing changes in my body and life.

As a trainer, I knew from the very beginning that you meant business.  You are very stoic, demanding attention and respect, which can be very intimidating to people.  But I’ve gotten to know the compassionate side of you, which I believe is essential to be successful in this business.  Training is equal parts physical and mental.  Without the mental awareness and drive that you can succeed at any task, the physical will take a toll.  Whether it is a deliberate acknowledgement of this that you hold compassion for your clients, it nevertheless has been key to my success. Without going into details, it has been great to know that I can rely on you as a friend, as well as a trainer – because I truly believe that training is not just about the exercise and methods, but the trust and relationship you build  between the trainer and client.  A key ingredient being trust because without it, how can you move forward and thrive, if you don’t believe that the person knows what they’re doing and doing it for your best interest.  As in every relationship, there are two sides – and I think it’s equally important that when you are training, you are completely committed.  Training is like a sport, it takes drive, endurance, will, strength, courage and some craziness. If you are not fully invested, there will be no results or at least, the results you desire.  With that said, I think you bring out a great deal of confidence in me, which speaks for you as a person and trainer.  I am grateful for the time we’ve spent together, the results that have come from it and the milestones we have reached together.  All in all, I guess you’re all right 😉

"You bring out a great deal of confidence in me, which speaks for you as a person and trainer. I am grateful for the time we've spent together, the results that have come from it and the milestones we have reached together."
Testimonial Picture
Luccy M
Cliffside Park, NJ

I contacted Michael after doing a google search for Top Personal Trainer in my area.

I contacted him because I wanted to lose some weight. I had tried all kinds of diets and had very little results. I even tried other personal trainers at my big box gym but nothing seemed to work or motivate me to the point where i could start seeing good results.

When I found Michael online, for all that he offers i thought his pricing was going to be out of my league but after speaking with him and going through a free workout that he offered me I immediately knew this was the trainer for me. This was the person to transform my body.

My motivation was non-existent and Im glad I gave it one last shot and found Body makeover Fitness.

My first thoughts of the Body Makeover Fitness system was that it was easy and reasonable to follow. Normally if somebody makes claims that they’re going to makeover your body then my preconceived notion is that it’s going to be very difficult to follow. Nope! The Body makeover Fitness system is as simple as 1-2-3, and I was very happy because of this.

Although Im only 2 weeks into the program, I’ve already lost 7 pounds and seen a lot of difference in my body. My waist has even slimmed down. I feel I lost more inches than weight itself.

Also, I didn’t have as much motivation to exercise, now i look at exercise with a different outlook and I have so much more energy. I could barely do the initial Body Makeover workouts, but now surprisingly I make it all the way through. Im tired as crap by time Im done but I make it.

Michael has found the secret to losing weight and getting in great shape. Thank God I found him!

"Although Im only 2 weeks into the program, I've already lost 7 pounds!"
Samantha C.
Hudson County, NJ

Since I had just graduated from college and was starting a new chapter in my life I took every opportunity I could to go out and drink and party hard. This is NYC after all. I was having fun but I was severely overweight and even though I was all smiles I knew deep down that I was shortening my life by neglecting my health. I finally went to the Dr. and he told me I was severely overweight, at risk for heart disease, diabetes and a whole bunch of other illnesses. At that point I made a conscious effort to make some changes in diet and exercise. Michael was always going to the gym so I naturally gravitated towards him. Better health by association I guess lol. I asked Michael if he would train me and he gladly accepted. That was the best decision of my life.

I held out for a while because I honestly thought I couldn’t afford it. I didn’t have enough Money! I thought the whole process would cost a lot more than it did. A top personal trainer,..pardon me, Body Makeover Expert, lol, a gym membership, having to buy all new food to eat, workout clothes etc….But after sitting with Michael I found out it was more affordable than I had psyched myself out into thinking it was.

At our initial meeting he told me about the types of results I could expect to experience. Yeah Right! There’s no way I’ll be able to get those kind of initial results after only 8 weeks, and then after 12 months. Yeah right.

After working with him for some time now I have to tell you that you are truly the body makeover expert. I lost exactly 37.4 lbs in only 8 weeks. I dropped 10 sizes, since working with you. Amazing!

Before I started on this journey I didn’t feel attractive, my confidence was low (even though my personality was awesome and I always had a beautiful face lol). I couldn’t run, or really do any physical activity without breathing hard… now I can run for a while, I actually enjoy working out, have tried new things that I wasn’t confident enough to try before (played on a corporate volleyball league, attend yoga classes regularly, completed a few local NYC races). And best of all I’m sexy again. I’m amazed at the responses I get when I go out. The super fit model guys actually talk to me now. I have a boyfriend that I love but it feels good to have my sexy back. My overall lifestyle has changed. Thanks Michael-Christopher. P.S. The supermarket tour was awesome!

"I lost exactly 37.4 lbs in only 8 weeks"
Ryan R.
West New York, NJ

When I first came to Mike, my goal was to build muscle and more specifically, bring about a major physical change in my body. Prior to the first session, we talked about my current workout habits, fitness goals and challenges, and nutrition. I’ve always felt like I had fairly good cardiovascular endurance, and for the most part, a solid workout routine. Hmph…After my initial trial workout with Mike, I quickly realized that I had been pretty delirious. It was quite possibly the most physically-demanding hour I have ever experienced in life! And that’s exactly when I knew that I wanted to hire this guy as my ongoing trainer.

Fast forward 8 weeks later and I have seen my body change pretty drastically. Not only have I physically lost weight and gained noticeable muscle mass, but I have also noticed major differences in my strength and stamina. There are several exercises that I couldn’t even think about doing in the beginning that I have no problem completing now. In the first week, I couldn’t do more than 1 or 2 pull-ups …now, I’m banging out full sets…repeatedly! One important thing that Mike teaches is doing exercises CORRECTLY, isolating and strengthening those muscles being worked, to ensure that you get the full benefit and range of motion from the exercise.

Not only has Mike enabled me to achieve my goals but he has also helped me realize that I can only grow by being pushed past the point of comfort…which is what I have now come to expect and enjoy from his workouts. So if you are serious about achieving your fitness/weight loss goals and you’re prepared to relinquish your inner wuss, Mike’s your man!

"I Have Seen My Body Change Drastically"

New Jersey Personal Training | Get the Body You Desire…GUARANTEED!

Let’s put this right out so there is no debate. Quick fix FAD diets, gimmicky exercises, and TERRIBLE wanna-be New Jersey Personal Training programs don’t work in the long run. They only make you worse off than when you started. And sitting on the sofa doing nothing isn’t going to give you the body you desire.

It’s time to make a commitment to fitness!

New Jersey Personal Training | Get that Fabulous Beach Body You’ve Always Wanted!

To get that lean and fabulously sexy body, you need to make a real commitment and then do the work. You may not want to be loved for your body, but it’s the first thing that people see when they look at you and first impressions are everything. So why not make yourself look your very best? Aside from that, what’s more important than your own health? Absolutely NOTHING!

At Body Makeover Fitness
you get…

  • A fat destroying workout
  • Customized nutrition plan that promotes good health and weight loss
  • A high-energy program in a fun and friendly atmosphere
  • Loads of motivation and support from staff and other members
  • A completely new you in no time at all!

What kind of body design do you want to achieve?

  • The Superhero body?
  • Rounded shoulders?
  • Explosive arms?
  • V-tapered back to a trim waist?
  • That JoLo/Beyonce sexy look?
  • Tight waist, firm booty, slender legs, toned arms, symmetrical upper body and a flat tummy?

You get all this and more!

Or Call (201) 305-0348

Look, you can do it the expensive and painful way by having surgery to correct all your body imperfections. You can keep sitting around and doing nothing while secretly wishing you were in better shape and had a stunning body. Or you can have fun while you work out and get the sexy, lean, and toned look that you secretly long for!

New Jersey Personal Training | Your Weight Loss is Guaranteed!

My ability to motivate you into action and get you to work hard (while having fun working out) is second to none! I won’t let you quit and I won’t let you fail! I truly appreciate you and will make sure that we reach all of the goals set forth during your training.

I love what I do and my passion for fitness is infectious. Your current level of fitness doesn’t matter. If you follow the method, you WILL look as fabulous as a movie star! Guaranteed! New Jersey Personal Training has never been more effective than it is at Body Makeover Fitness studio.

I can make this guarantee to you simply because I’ve seen my clients get amazing results time and again.

Or Call (201) 305-0348

Imagine how different your life will be when you finally achieve your desired body image?

  • You’ll have loads of energy and self-confidence
  • You’ll enjoy the attention you get from that special someone or someone new
  • You’ll have stamina and energy to do the things you want to do—run a marathon or just enjoy life your way
  • You’ll be more outgoing because you know you look like a rock star!
  • You’ll be the first one on the beach every summer from here on out!

Just tell me what you want to look like and Body Makeover Fitness will make it happen for you!

Don’t settle for the quick fix or fight your willpower. Don’t settle for terrible wanna-be New Jersey personal trainers in Hoboken, West New York, North Bergen and other areas. Join Body Makeover Fitness and I’ll motivate you every step of the way until you achieve that sexy and trim body of a movie star. You’ll have more energy and more confidence because you’ll know you look as great as you feel!

I’m waiting for your call. Join Body Makeover Fitness today!

New Jersey Personal Training

Owner of Body Makeover Fitness

PS. You won’t find another New Jersey Personal Training program that gives you as much value and results as Body Makeover Fitness. Wouldn’t you love to have the fabulous body you secretly dream about? With Body Makeover Fitness, you can! Register for Body Makeover Fitness today!


Disclaimer: * Results are not typical. These results are only typical of our training clients who followed the nutritional guidelines of the Body Makeover Fitness New Jersey Personal Training studio, showed up to their personal training sessions consistently, and worked hard to achieve their fitness goals.
Body Makeover Fitness is located in beautiful West New York, New Jersey. We welcome all motivated individuals to join the studio. We primarily serve the following cities with our cutting edge science personal training and weight loss programs:
Edgewater, West New York, Weehawken, Hoboken, North Bergen (New Jersey)….all of Hudson County and parts of Bergen County, New Jersey
If you want the best New Jersey Personal Training, then join Body Makeover Fitness today!